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Ninox Custom Buttons
🌟 Unlock the Power of Custom Buttons in Ninox! 🌟
Now you can create unique buttons in Ninox with over a thousand Google Material Icons to choose from! 🎨💡

🔘 Choose your icon: Explore a wide range of icons to add a personal touch to your buttons.

🎨 Customize colors: Make your buttons stand out by adjusting the icon, text, and button colors.

📊 Enhance user experience: Create intuitive and visually appealing buttons that elevate the functionality of your Ninox databases.

Get started today and give your Ninox applications a distinctive look! 🚀💻 #Ninox

The utilization of this template is entirely at your own risk, with RoSoft disclaiming any responsibility for any damages resulting from its incorrect use. The data from the template can be integrated into your own database. Please note that the template is provided "as is," without further warranties.